Women's Month: Puni of Puni Petals

Women's Month: Puni of Puni Petals
This Women's Month, we're delighted to spotlight Puni, known as Puni of Puni Petals.

Puni Petals is a LA-based floral design studio started in 2022 out of a cozy West Hollywood apartment. Born and raised in Phuket, Thailand, Puni spent her years studying in New York and decided, on a whim, to move west after she graduated. Serendipitously, her restlessness in all creative outlets had culminated in an Instagram channel that started off as a casual pursuit in floral design but blossomed into a journey for self-discovery and a flourishing business known as Puni Petals today.

How do you approach working with clients to understand their vision and preferences for floral designs?
I always make sure to listen keywords that are thematic and pay attention to emotions that they want the design to illicit. It’s always fun and creatively challenging for me to approach things that way rather than having a prescriptive recipe or a strict style guide to emulate. I love thinking about concepts and try to push to develop my style!

In what ways does your floristry empower and celebrate femininity?
Florals in itself is a celebration of femininity. It symbolizes growth, resilience and rebirth. It gives life. It is strong yet soft at the same time.

If you could create a floral installation anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would it look like?
I just watched Dune (obsessed) and thought about how grand it would be to have a floral installation on the desert planet Arrakis. The contrast in the harsh environment and the abundance of florals would make a very striking installation and concept.

Can you share any tips or advice for someone looking to arrange flowers at home or for a special occasion?
Balance is the word. Think about balancing textures, shapes, sizes. And above all, trust your GUT! Go with what feels right and authentic to you, it comes out in your work and it is really the secret sauce.

Put us on! Can you share a few of your favorite women-owned businesses within your industry or those similar to yours?
There are so many wonderful women that I admire in the industry! @a.l.basa and @aamberlu are two of the most talented Asian-women owned floral design studios that I incredibly adore. Another great lady with the best big sister energy is @catchenny at Dulan Wine—the best Chenin Blanc, perfect for a balmy summer night. Ariyana Hernandez is a creative force to be reckoned with at @nora.agency. The lovely Lesley Thornton at @klur.co with the best and most beautiful skincare line. @paulinechatalan is my favorite photographer and dear friend specializing in film photography (she also does super 8!) The list goes on and on, but these women have been the biggest supporters and cheerleaders of Puni Petals since day one, I am so lucky and grateful!

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