Meet the Artist: Jerilyn Guerrero

Meet the Artist: Jerilyn Guerrero

Meet Jerilyn Guerrero, a talented illustrator and visual designer of CHamoru & Filipino descent, hailing from the lush island of Guam and now based in Los Angeles, CA. Her vibrant artwork, rooted in self-sovereignty and the beauty of everyday life, captivates hearts worldwide. With a heart-centered approach, Jerilyn infuses her work with joy and impact, aiming to spread positivity and inspiration to all who encounter her art.

Inspiration Behind the Artwork
"This piece, titled “Bloom,” celebrates self-growth and the meaningful connections that enrich our lives. Just as flowers bloom, our individual journeys unfold at their own pace and rhythm. Despite leading separate lives, we're united in our collective journey of growth and healing. I've felt the support of my friends in my personal life, and I wanted to celebrate that!"

Inspiration from Island Life
"I'm inspired by the tropical plants and vibrant cultures of Guam and the Philippines. The slow pace of island life and the beauty of nature often find their way into my art, reminding me to prioritize rest and reconnect with nature."

On Finding Artistic Style
"Since childhood, I've been drawn to drawing strong and powerful women, influenced by iconic figures from shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My art style has evolved over time, reflecting my experiences and background in visual/graphic design. I aim to draw more diverse figures, representing underrepresented communities like my own."

Micronesia Climate Change Alliance
"I chose the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance as my charity partner because of their grassroots efforts to address climate change and promote community-centered solutions. As someone deeply connected to my cultural roots, their work resonates with me as it emphasizes respect for nature and our interconnectedness with the land."

On Finding the Perfect Frames
"My favorite frames are the Lili Coffee for sunglasses and Adara Clear for prescription glasses. They're versatile and elevate any look, whether I'm going for earthy tones or vibrant colors."

Favorite Neighborhood Spots in LA
"Maury’s for bagels, Laveta for their ube latte, and Clark Street for their cardamom buns. For art supplies and inspiration, Crush & Touch is a go-to, along with Shorthand for stationery, and Be Nice Have Fun for gifts and art by QTBIPOC community members!"

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