Our Story

We make inclusive eyewear for faces of all shapes and sizes. Our Elevated Fit® frames are created by using measurements from real people- not traditional industry standards. With our focus on comfort, we’re committed to bringing you frames that fit effortlessly.

Covry was founded in 2015 in an effort to break away from the industry’s practice of one-size-fits-all. We started our journey with a crowdfunding campaign that raised three times our initial funding goal. Now, we’re focusing on building an eyewear company where all our products begin with you.

Our Product

We believe in products made thoughtfully with time and care. With more than twenty steps from start to finish, a single frame can take over five months to create. Our uniquely designed Elevated Fit® features longer nose pads, a reduced frame curvature and a narrowed nose bridge to elevate the frame, sitting higher on your face and away from your cheeks.

Our handcrafted frames are carefully constructed with premium finishes by over forty skilled artisans that precisely mold, cut and assemble each frame. We produce in limited small batch runs with attention to every detail. This helps us reduce waste and create space for fresh, new styles.


100% Female Founded

Athina Wang and Florence Shin met in high school and have been close friends throughout their journey in the fashion industry. Frustrated by the lack of comfortable options for diverse face shapes, they teamed up to create an innovative approach to fit and design. Together, they built Covry to embrace diversity and celebrate faces of all different shapes and sizes.