covry brooklynwolf

(Founders of Brooklyn Wolf)

Brooklyn-based trouser company, Brooklyn Wolf, aims to provide better-fitting trousers designed for the modern professional without the premium price. Founder Richard Tam started the company out of frustration with price, style and fit of dress pants on the market. “As a working professional, I was in these trousers for 5 days a week and not once was I excited about putting on a pair of pants to go to work. I had a hunch I could make a better product at a better price point.” He teamed up with Creative Director Wesley Wey, and together, these finance-turned-fashion entrepreneurs have been passionately developing the art of pant making. 
covry brooklynwolf
“The best advice came from Jeff Staple's Skillshare class. During his lecture he mentioned that large-scale manufacturers are likely to be apprehensive and hesitant to work with small and unknown brands. He encouraged his students to deflect this, stay positive and eventually good things will happen.” -Richard Tam
What’s your guilty craving?
Richard: Beef Jerky 
Wesley: Romantic comedies. Crazy stupid love is one of my favorites.
Favorite thing to wear?
R: A Fedora
W: My Everlane cashmere sweater. I’m wearing it right now.
If you could spend a month anywhere, where would it be?
R: New Zealand, Red Rocks Reserve
W: Paris
How would you describe your aesthetic?
R: Clean, minimal, and modern
W: Realistic, most natural as possible
What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
R: I used to be an accountant
W: I love to build furniture
First thing you do every morning? Last you do before bed?
R: I drink coffee every morning and the last thing I do would be brushing my teeth
W: I always start my mornings with a shower and end my day playing games on the computer.
Weirdest thing you ever ate?
R: It was something I ate in China…I still don’t know what it is.
W: Duck tongue
What’s one skill you would you like to have?
R: Would like to have programming skills
W: Metal work!
Something you can't live without?
R: Climbing
W: My camera
One super power?
R: Mind control, so we can produce all the pants we want!
W: Flying 
One cause you feel passionate about?
R: Education and access to the Internet for everyone.
W: Animal welfare
Favorite pair of Covry shades?
R: Castor Matte Black
W: Castor Matte Blue
What's next for Brooklyn Wolf?
We're expanding our collection of wool trousers. Look out for 6 new styles to be released in May. We're also developing a functional all-around pair of Chinos that is inspired by our active lifestyle. Think 4-way stretch, durable, and water resistant.