(Owner and designer of Jaunt)

Committed to bringing glamour back to travel, Kim Lai, owner and designer of JAUNT, initially launched her effortlessly luxe accessories brand in London. Taking her experience working for fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf, she now resides in Brooklyn, where she continues to be inspired by the traditional craftsmanships of local artisans around the world.
 How did you get your start in fashion? 
In fifth grade, I borrowed a book on Valentino from the Great Neck Public Library and taught myself how to draw croquis models. By the end of the week when I had to return the book, I decided I would become a designer related to fashion. My first real job in fashion was an internship while I was in college with a set designer based in New York City. We would create sets for fashion shows and photoshoots like Catherine Malandrino and Saks Fifth Avenue.
This month, we’re celebrating UV Awareness Month. How do you style sun protection into your wardrobe?
Sun hats and my sunnies, of course! It’s also very important to cover your skin with sunblock. I use SPF 50 everyday!
 What’s one thing that you wish everyone knew about sun protection?
It is necessary and protects you from sunspots when you get older and other forms of skin issues.
We created Elevated Fit® so that we could smile with confidence. What does confidence mean to you? 
           It is being comfortable in your own skin and the belief in yourself to accomplish any task, no matter the odds or difficulty.
 Anything you learned recently that blew your mind away? Peanuts are not a nut, they are legumes (beans)!
Three things always in my bag? Bite lip crayon, my Christian Lacroix mini notebook and a photo of my little girl
Best place I’ve traveled to? The Domain De Murtoli in Corsica
Frames I’m obsessed with?  Prima Petal
Best advice I received? No matter how challenging the situation is, stay calm, cool and collected and you will figure it all out.
Emoji that best describes me? airplane-emoji
prima petal cateye nude brown sunglass
prima white cateye sunglass