(Founder and CEO of Sundays)

As a Chinese immigrant from a small town, AmyLing Lin has always wanted to do something for the community. Instead of following her parents’ advice to become a lawyer, she opened a nail salon.
After years in the nail care industry, however, she recognized a serious problem- toxic chemicals in nail products harmful to both customers and employees. This inspired her to launch Dear sundays, a collection of socially responsible nail polish and a non-toxic, vegan nail salon that prioritizes health. The salon even offers guided meditation during a pampering session! We catch up with AmyLing as she gives us a glimpse into the journey creating a safe haven for the community.
Was there an “aha moment” that inspired you to start Sundays?
Initially, I was planning to carry professional spa products by other natural brands. I really had a hard time finding even a lotion with 5 to 6 different preservatives. That was the moment that I felt if I want to make a difference in the industry, I have to do something different. The same thing with nail studio, despite the fact that New York City has 5,000 nail salons, there are very few non-toxic ones.
Can you walk us through a typical day in the life?
I would say that no day is really typical. Every day the office team gets here around 10am when we open the studio. Usually, we will have a morning meeting to discuss our plan for the day and go over all of the significant work we've done. Then, everyone starts their tasks. Lately, downstairs has been super busy. We have customers who come in at exactly 10am.
Throughout the day, we have a lot of different clients that range from influencers to expecting moms, who all come for the same reasons. Sometimes I would go downstairs and just talk to clients. It is always interesting to get to know our clients and listen to their stories.
We love that you offer guided meditation in the salon. Tell us about how you came up with the concept. 
The guided meditation was inspired by on-demand services. I want to create the best experience for our clients in the conference room. I learned from a meditation retreat that we can do meditation anytime, anywhere. It is less about what you sit on and where you are, but getting a moment to reconnect with yourself. We hope our corporate clients can get a moment of relaxation without leaving their office, so we integrate the smell, the sound and of course the touch (hand massage).
I think manicure and meditation is perfect for first-time meditators, as you definitely need to sit down for 20 minutes to get your nails done. I would encourage clients to do that at home as the concept is about finding a moment to recharge.
What are some of the biggest nail trends this season?
 Some of the biggest trends we're seeing this season are nudes. The colors go really well with everything. It is simple, but timeless.
Tips to help our manis and pedis last longer?
Oily nail plates can affect the lasting of the nail polishes. A very thorough clean can help your manis and pedis stay longer. However, I don’t suggest overdoing it by using Prime (Dehydrator). Our philosophy is always that we don’t sacrifice for beauty. We designed a protective nail polish top coat to help the lasting of the polishes.
However, washing hands often will affect the lasting of the nail polishes and going to the beach can take away the shine of the nail polishes. That is normal. I would suggest wearing non-toxic gel polish if you will be going to the beach.
How would you spend your ideal Sunday?
Working and walking around. I love my job so I always want to check my emails and talk to clients. I always like to walk around in New York City. You always discover something new on the street, such as a new restaurant or a new fashion style. Of course, Sunday brunch with friends. It’s great if it is outdoors.
In the evening, I will take my time to plan the schedule for next week, feeling excited about the upcoming week.
Go-to nail color?
#7 and #2
Favorite NYC restaurant?
What should we order?
Brunch with eggs benedict
Best advice you received?
“Say yes before you are ready"
Beauty essentials?
Mineral water spray
Book everyone should read?
Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone
Favorite Covry frames?
Electra Stardust fun and elegant, love the matte rose gold.