(Founder and Designer of Aaryah)

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, but this jewelry designer is just beginning. Aaryah is defined as precious and rare. Inspired by the Sanskrit word arya, founder and designer Megan Kothari set out to create a collection of 100% handmade, tribal-inspired jewelry. By learning to embrace her Indian roots with her Western upbringing, she’s tapped into a unique, confident style that shapes Aaryah’s bold and versatile designs. Born into a family of Indian jewelers, Megan has always had an innate passion for jewelry, and she’s fearlessly determined to make her own mark in the industry.
What’s the story behind Aaryah?
AARYAH is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. AARYAH is a collection of tribal inspired jewelry that is 100% handmade in India. My hope is to keep the art of handmade jewelry alive! 
Take us through a typical day.
No day is typical haha – one day I’m doing excel spreadsheets on my sales projections and the next day I could be running around SoHo looking for places to shoot. That’s why I love what I do- no two days are the same.
What’s your personal style and what are your biggest sources of inspiration?
Honestly, my style depends on my mood that day. But overall, I love to be comfortable in whatever I am wearing. Hence, I’m loving the athleisure trend!
Starting your own brand can be challenging. What are some lessons you’ve learned along the way and what keeps you going?
Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned are to 1) never give up and 2) if you have passion for what you do, it will work out.
There have been so many hurdles in the last 9 months but every time something goes wrong, I remind myself why I started AARYAH and the happiness it has brought to my life. 
Favorite accessory?
Jewelry – I feel incomplete without it
Emoji that best describes me?
  (or maybe I just love how vague it is)
Favorite place on earth?
Wherever my family is
Best advice I ever got?
Never be afraid of failing
One super power?
Song of the moment?
Got it good – Kaytranada ft. Craig David
How would you style your favorite pair of Covry shades?
I love the Kraz Matte Olive! I would pair this with a boyfriend fit plain white tee, ripped skinny black jeans, bronzine huaraches and our Gunmetal Kajal Cuff.