Mother-Daughter Culinary Tales: Christine & Tien

Mother-Daughter Culinary Tales: Christine & Tien

Meet Christine and Tien, a dynamic mother-daughter duo deeply passionate about plant-based cooking and cultural representation. Christine Wong, an author and advocate for sustainable choices, shares her culinary expertise in her upcoming book, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table (available for pre-order here), which reimagines 88 iconic dishes from her hometown. Tien, fresh from her graduation at Barnard College, adds her creative flair to the family's culinary adventures while balancing her role in retailing and merchandising for Pearl River Mart. Together, they embody the spirit of Conscious Cooking, blending tradition with innovation in every dish they create.

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Favorite Thing to Do Together

"My kids and I have done a lot of things together and every moment has been awesome, but one of my favorite things is having worked with them. They’ve both helped me with a few food events, and my daughter and I now actually work together at Pearl River Mart – that's something that I never thought would happen, but it is fantastic. It doesn't feel like we're mother-daughter but more like equals which is incredibly unique." -Christine

In Christine's Footsteps

"One thing I want my son and daughter to do is to always be inspired, and to make the most of any situation, because you can learn from every person you meet, and every experience is an opportunity." -Christine

"I hope to emulate her ability to take things in stride– in the face of change, my mom always remains unfazed and has a remarkably positive outlook." -Tien

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Fondest Memory of Cooking Together

"I love that my daughter has a love for food and cooking and I especially appreciate all the times that she's helped me with my events for promoting @conscious_cooking from when she was in 5th grade for a tasting event at Union Square Greenmarket to a pop-up restaurant night last December in Paris! I think Tien was a little (lot) stressed, but I had the best time doing this unique experience with her." 

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On Motherhood

"No one gives you a handbook on motherhood and while my own relationship with my own mother is strained, I'm grateful for the incredible closeness that I have with my daughter. I love that she confides in me and now that she's grown up she's also my best friend." - Christine

"Above anything else, I want her to be happy and for her to know how proud I am to be her daughter. I feel very lucky to have such a cool mom." -Tien

On the Perfect Foodie Itinerary in NYC

"We don't usually go out for breakfast, but our go-to holiday breakfast is always a classic bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese–veggie toppings for me! Lunch would definitely be at Xi'an Famous Foods (a NYC favorite which I always recommend to friends who visit). Their chewy hand-pulled noodles are flavorfully spicy and super satisfying. Dinner would be at Jing Fong with family and friends for a bit of dim sum along with noodles, veggies – family-style meals are the best because there's something for everyone."

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