(Founders of Belle Bar Organic)

 In celebration of our newest Mira, we asked the Bell's to try out both the Mira and Maia styles. 
This mother and daughter trio team is making green beauty accessible for women of color. With the goal of helping women to reconnect with nature, Belle Bar Organic is a conduit for self-confidence and focused on inclusion and proper representation. 
What’s it like being in business with family?
It's challenging and emotional at times, but at the end of the day we trust each other.
Tianna and Solange, what was one great sister bonding experience you guys had?
T & S: Building this business together has been our greatest bonding experience. There’s nothing like being in the trenches with someone to bring you closer than ever. I think we have grown a great respect for each other watching each other grow through this process.
Annette, what advice would you give your daughters about motherhood?
A: Motherhood is beautiful. It's knowing what your child needs before they know they need it. It's being kind, nurturing, and generous with your love. It's teaching them how to love, rescuing their emotions silently. Someday you will see the appreciation by watching them mirror this same pattern. Motherhood is knowing that they can count on me no matter what. Motherhood is watching them grow up to become an amazing human being, and you are just so proud.
What’s your favorite family tradition?
Every Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, we all are required to wear new PJ's and spend the time with each other having family fun, with lots of food, drinks, games, etc. then watching the children open the gifts.
How would each of you describe your style? 
A: I have a combination of style that depends on the occasion. It can be timelessly traditional, tastefully sexy, with a pop of art.
S: Ethnic Wanderlust. I love pattern, prints and color. You can pretty much always find me in a crop top.
T: Sexy Streetwear, Model Off Duty. I love white t-shirts, skinny jeans, leather jackets and army fatigue.
We created Elevated Fit® so that we could smile with confidence. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence is knowing that you don't have to boast about something that you do well. It's sharing kindness. Confidence is just listening when someone needs an ear. It's feeling connected to the vibes of the universe knowing, in the end, we all will be good.
Maia Marble
black and gold sunglass mira covry
blue sunglass covry