Diandra Barnwell is no stranger to fashion and entertainment. She has starred in multiple television shows, most recently E! Entertainment's So Cosmo, which followed her life as she navigated working at Cosmopolitan magazine and living in New York City. Today, she's evolved into an entrepreneur, social influencer and model spreading the powerful message of positivity.

Can you describe a typical day?

As cliche as it sounds, there really is no typical day. But if I had to narrow down one of my more standard days, it would start with a 30 min workout, then it's straight to my computer to answer/send emails. After that, I usually head to the city for meetings; I try to have at least 3 in-person productive meetings a week. Working from home it's so easy to go down the spiral of not leaving or having in-person interaction—so if I can, I limit calls and plan an in-person meeting instead. There are usually events in the evening, but I limit them to only two per week, because as much "work" as they are, I can't be out late that many times a week because it affects productivity. 
Working in fashion and entertainment sounds so glam. What excites you most about what you do?
Fashion and entertainment are both very glam industries, but I would say the glam accounts for only about 20%. The other 80% is work, work, work. So, with that being said, when the glamorous perks do come about, they are really good. Even in the 10 years I've been in the industry, I still get excited. Fashion shows, events, lots of gifts, its all still very thrilling, and makes the long hours and work. The thrill is why I got into the industry in the first place.
What advice do you have for others trying to break into the industry?
My advice would be to have patience. This is an industry that requires years of work and dedication to get one break. So, having patience is a must! Also, don't compare yourself to others. There is no blueprint to success, and everyone will have a different path, so trust yourself and do everything you can to elevate. 
We love your bold and colorful style! Can you share any style tips?
Thank you! My style has evolved so much since I was younger. I was all about pink and glitter as a young girl. Now that I'm older and have been a New Yorker for quite some time, I lean more toward neutrals and classic pieces, then I'll add a fun twist with a shoe or headband. This is also why I love the Heze Beige sunglass. Its classic and chic, but can also be the perfect pop to any outfit. 
We created Elevated Fit® so that we could smile with confidence. What does confidence mean to you?
Confidence to me means that you are happy and healthy from the inside out. It means being comfortable in your own skin and having that comfort radiate. And most importantly, it's not about being empowered in spite of your flaws, but instead about acknowledging your flaws and being empowered because of them. A lesson, at 29, that I am still mastering! 
Anything you learned recently that blew your mind away?
Being an entrepreneur something blows my mind away every single day. So many ups and downs and lessons along the way. But, I find that in those mind- blowing moments that you learn the most, and you also experience the most growth! 
Three things always in my bag? my glasses, lipstick, cell phone 
 Favorite city? New York. The longer I live here the more I fall in love with it. But also Paris! 
 Frames I’m obsessed with? Rana Hunter. They go with everything!
Best advice I received? "You can have it all, just not at the same time"
Emoji that best describes me?  emoji-crying-laughing