Style bloggers and couple Francis Kenneth, Melanie Kim
Hyper-creative couple Francis Kenneth and Melanie Kim are the LA gurus of lifestyle and fashion. Drawing inspiration from their sunny city, they've styled our Rana frames effortlessly for the ultimate day date. Learn more about them below, and get out your pens, because you're going to want to take some style notes. 
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Francis: Soon-to-be thirty-year-old man-child. Los Angeles born, raised, and based hyper-creative. US Navy Veteran.
Melanie: Hi, my name is Melanie. I am a graphic designer/illustrator and sneakerhead traveling in LA.
How did you two meet?
F: No joke. Instagram. More specifically, hashtags (or at least that’s what MJ “claims”).
M: Francis and I met on Instagram 2 years ago. I was creeping on him.
How did you get into fashion?
F: Pops. He made it very clear that appearance is everything at an early age. Ironically enough, my “style” would say otherwise.
M: I always had an inherent love for fashion ever since I was a kid. I wanted to be a shoe designer at one point in my life.
Describe your style.
F: Street-smart casual (or “Cali Cool”) - Not too casual. Not too formal. Comfortable. Ready for anything and everything.
M: My style is lazy, high fashion streetwear. Basically, I want to make sure I look like I just woke up, but there would be something a little unique in details, usually it’s to do with my shoes.
What's your go-to date outfit? 
F: Wide-brimmed fedora, chill sunnies, light jacket (or shirt), long tee, tapered jeans, clean sneakers (or boots), crew socks, and jewelry.
M: My go to date outfit would be an over the knee length skirt with a long slit through the side. I love playing with different textures, so I like to layer maybe a black oversized coat over a bright mesh mock neck tee.
Who's better in the kitchen?
M: Me.
Who has the better the playlist?
M: MK definitely knows a lot more music than me! He surprises me with playlists for different occasions, and they usually blow me away.
Last movie you saw together?
F: TBD (we’ve never watched a movie together)
Best part of your work?
F: The audience
M: The best part of my work is that I get to interact with people on a really intimate level. I love hearing about their ultimate fantasies, so we have great conversations that take us to places beyond the surface. I also love the fact that I get to put a little bit of me into their stories. The collaboration is amazing.
Favorite piece in your closet?
F: Dog Tags (US Navy)
M: My favourite piece in my closet is my ripped jeans. It has little cut outs towards my ankle so it elongates my legs and also lets me look a little dainty and fragile. I love it because it makes me look a little more feminine when I wear streetwear.
Fashion trend you hope will stay forever?
F: Unisex clothing
M: Wearing sneakers with high fashion.
Fashion trend you hope will never come back?
F: Sagging
M: Super Saiyan Goku hair.
Favorite pair of Covry frames?
 F: Pavo Black
M: My favorite pair is Kraz Matte Olive
Any predictions on the next big fashion trend?
F: Modern Punk
M: I think the 80’s parted fringe will come back in with cowboy inspired street fashion. Minimal Native american prints with modern silhouettes. Streetwear bohemian.
Best advice?
F: Sleep when you’re dead.
M: Wear it like you mean it.

LA Guide:

Best date spot?
F: Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen (Gardena)
M: Petit Trois for dinner, you MUST get the french onion soup.
Best brunch spot? What should we order?
F: The Pan (Gardena). Loaded Hashbrowns.
M: Torrance Farmer’s Market. Breakfast burritos.
Dreamiest place to watch the sunset? 
F: Rocketship Park in Torrance
M: I love the drive along the 110 freeway to downtown. I see the palm trees in the distance, and I feel like I’m part of an indie love film.
Song when you're stuck in traffic?
F: “Goodbye” by Toe
What do you love the most about LA?
F: Lakers
M: I love that I’m here with my best friend and the palm trees.