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Cyc'd for Covry

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Lights. Music. Spin. We tried our first spin class at Cyc Fitness a while back and instantly fell in love with the energizing, beat-based rides they offer. The classes are held in a sexy, dim-lit studio with kaleidoscopic lighting effects. What sets them apart is their unique Cyc Method, which “incorporates calorie burning endurance intervals and weighted sectors inspired by more than 20 different sports movements”. We couldn’t think of a better (and healthier) way to relieve stress. 

To prep for the summer, we hosted a private Cyc’d for Covry ride at the Cyc Fitness flagship location in David Barton Gym. The event was SO MUCH FUN! Our instructor for the class was the sweet and spunky Elena. Oh and she is AMAZING! Her high energy, motivational words and positivity will leave you wanting more. Make sure you take her class; we promise you won’t regret it. Joining Elena on stage was Alice Giannetta of BrainyBeautyFit, and together they led the room for a sweat-dripping, full body workout. Everyone’s incredible energy vibrated through the room as we rode together as one to the finish line.

Thank you to all of our amazing NY supporters that came out to Cyc’d for Covry! Did we mention you could get your hair done in the locker room? Glam&Go gave us the cutest braids that we wanted to keep forever. And a big thank you to WTRMLNWTR for satisfyingly sweet drinks and to Viking Waffles for the perfect, protein-packed snack! 

The best part? Our class ended with a powerful thought of the day: The moment you feel like quitting is the exact moment that you need to push harder.
asian girls, fitness, spinning, indoor cycling, gym, workoutOur founders with the talented Alice Giannetta of BrainyBeautyFit (pictured in center)
cyc fitness, astor place, eventToo many goodie bags, not enough hands
sunglasses, sunwear, frames Favorite frames of the day- Lynx White, Castor Matte Blue
alice giannetta, spinning, cycling, blogger, fitnessAlice getting ready for the ride
cyc fitness, studio, gym, lightsguys, men, boys, cycling, workoutgroup fitness, workout, team, cyclingWhether it’s trying a new activity or staying committed to something, we’ve found it’s most fun with friends.
instructor, fitness, workout girls, cycling
Huge thanks to our Cycologist Elena
group fitness, workout class, studio, astor place, cyc fitnessWe’re still running off the electrifying energy that filled the room at Cyc’d for Covry- what a way to kick off the summer!


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